Asset Allocation in Trying Times

Asset Allocation in Trying Times

We invite you to take a few minutes to listen to our webcast. We hope to provide insight into our thoughts regarding the economy and capital markets, as well as current events.

We know that investors have many questions and a lot of uncertainty in regard to the economy and markets, and ultimately knowing if their investment portfolios will be “okay.” Recent economic data reflects exactly what one should expect, given current circumstances; the positive momentum we enjoyed for several years has greatly slowed. In short, while we expect this to last for the near term, a good steward is always making the attempt to look past what is known currently and plan for what comes next. And while our current situation appears somewhat bleak, we are confident this virus will be behind us at some point, and we can begin a resumption of living our lives, largely as we see fit. That’s the scenario we’re planning for.

Today we’d like to share a few investment concepts that seem pertinent to our current situation, especially in regards to investing in equities. 

Jamie Wright

Portfolio Manager 
Research Director for First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors