Enjoy the many benefits of our debit cards

FMB_Debitcard_Finalwithwriting_websiteUnlike a credit card, your purchases are deducted directly from your checking account and can be easily tracked via Online Banking, Telephone Banking or your monthly bank statement.

  • Withdraw cash, make deposits, loan payments, and check your balances
  • Pay for purchases including restaurants, department stores, telephone and Internet shopping, wherever MasterCard® is accepted
  • Works like a check, but without the hassles of check approvals, and out-of-town check writing hassles
  • Your debit card is not a credit card, so you'll never pay finance charges
  • You'll carry less cash and use fewer checks
  • Access cash from any of our ATMs  

They're Easy To Use

  • Use your card at stores worldwide or enter your card number online
  • Purchase amount withdrawn from your checking account

More Convenient Than Checks

  • Enjoy the simplicity of Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay® with your debit card
  • No need to fill out and sign a check
  • Never run out of or pay for paper checks
  • Transactions appear on Online Banking and paper statement
  • Small enough to carry everywhere

Safer Than Cash

  • Get the protection of MasterCard® Benefits when you sign
  • If your card is lost or stolen, just let us know and you’re not liable for unauthorized purchases


At Your Service

  • Just call customer service at 1.800.205.3464 if you need a new card or if you’d like to reset your Personal Identification Number

Don't have a debit card? Don't miss out. Click here to enroll.

ATM Card

Access to cash, anytime, anywhere! Cards are available to all personal checking and savings account customers with the following benefits:

  • Use of all our ATMs
  • View your checking and savings balances
  • Transactions are deducted directly from your account, and can be easily tracked via Online Banking, Telephone Banking or your monthly bank statement