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How do we get deposit tickets?
  • No need for deposit tickets, the system creates the virtual deposit slip. Only thing you have to scan are your checks.
Is the deposit cut off time the same as it was prior?
  • Cut off time is 6:30 EST starting on the 29th.
Is there a RDC deposit amount limit?
  • There is an RDC limit, on the transmit page, there is a link to see your limit.
When will we get login info so we can access the RDC portal?
  • RDC login information will be sent Monday morning (August 29th) between 8 and 9 am.
At level one, I was able to remotely deposit into business accounts and personal accounts. Will that still be an option?
  • We are grandfathering in the personal accounts on RDC. No more will be added going forward, but we will bring over the ones you have today.
Is the install guide for installing the software for the scanner?
  • Yes
Can these RDC user roles also be added from the main login, or do you have to be logged into remote deposit specifically?
  • Since Online Banking and Remote Deposit are separate platforms, you would need to add/modify user’s roles with the Remote Deposit system.
If we install the drivers for First Merchants will we be blocked from using Level One remote deposit?
  • The First Merchants RDC drivers will be installed on August 29th, the first day you will scan deposits to First Merchants. You will continue to use the Level One Remote Deposit service through August 26th.
Will we need to add new users or will that come over from Level One?
  • Users will migrate over, please verify roles/permissions.
Will I be able to access multiple companies?
  • Yes, if you are able to access multiple companies with Level One, your setup with First Merchants will be set up the same way.
Right now, we can only access RDC from level one from an app- will we be able to log in on other computers?
  • You will need to follow the installation instructions for your scanner to add to another computer. Please utilize the RDC User Guide for step-by-step instructions.
Where is the resource manual?
Can you go over how to get to the portal for the first time again?
Are the login credentials the same as what we use for business online banking?
  • No. Remote Deposit Capture will have separate credentials than Business Online Banking.
What is the phone number to call for support?
  • 1-866-833-0050
How do we get the user guide?
  • Go to - Commercial Banking -Treasury Management- Remote Deposit Capture. The links appear above video guides.
Will we have to wait until after the 29th to install the scanner, since we currently use it with Level One?
  • Yes, your credentials will be emailed the morning of August 29th, in order to log in and install the scanner.
Do we receive new scanners or use our Level One scanner?
  • No, you can use your current scanner.
Will the Online Banking Company Administrator also be the RDC administrator?
  • No. These are different platform. You can elect the same person to be the administrator on both platforms, but it is not required.
When we receive wire transfers, will we still get an email notification, like we do with Level One?
  • Yes, however any previously configured Alerts will have to be re-established after the Transition weekend.