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Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts

Automatically manage cash flow by concentrating balances while maintaining separate accounts with our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service.

The Solution:

Daily disbursements are funded and receivables are consolidated in multiple accounts with the ZBA service. At the end of each day, an automatic transfer is made to/from your primary account to/from the ZBA to bring it to a $0.00 balance. Here’s an example of a typical ZBA account structure:


  • Eliminate idle balances.
  • No need for manual transfers between accounts.
  • Protect your Main Operating account information.
  • Reduce potential for overdrafts.
  • Improve account reconciliation.
  • Add a Sweep to Loan or Investment Sweep* to achieve maximum earnings on your consolidated operating cash.


Additional limitations and requirements may apply. For more information about Zero Balance Accounts, call our Treasury Solutions team at 1.866.833.0050.